I’ve determined the best place for Real Estate Marketing begins with diversification.  Organic placement is crucial in any business, but especially in Real Estate.   The best place to invest your marketing dollars begins with educating yourself.  REALTOR.org is a great resource and offers a free library where you can download books http://ebooks.realtor.org.  My late father told me “an education is something no can take away from you and it empowers you to help others.”   He frequently reminded me about the importance of being true to oneself.

What are you passionate about?  Transforming your online business begins with a strong offline presence.  Consistently serving a targeted group, that you understand, allows your authentic personality to shine.  Create a Business Plan and do it for free:  http://marketing.realtor.com Connect with people, local businesses, charities, groups or neighborhoods and help one another.  Share your local Real Estate Knowledge, earn their trust, and together make a difference in the community. Determine your income goals, establish a monthly Real Estate Marketing Budget, and capture enough leads to make it happen.

Build your brand and your personal website.  This is a work in progress for me.  Make sure your website design is uncluttered, has an IDX search, includes links, videos, and connections to your social media sites to create traffic, use contact forms, and share useful content.  House Logic has free shareable content available for REALTORS:  http://members.houselogic.com/widgets/.

Invest in yourself, you are worth it!  Learn to use technology and your business will benefit.  Get started by joining a NAR Tech Edge Conference and register for the upcoming event http://ePRONAR.com/nar-tech-edge/

Contributor:  Lori G McDowell, Virtual Properties Realty Biz

TAGS:  Digital Identity, Atlanta Real Estate, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Websites, LORISELLS